Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I REALLY need to post more often!

I guess it's catch up time! We had a great summer.....lots of hot and sunny days, which meant A LOT of outside time!

The boys loved going fishing on G & G W's pontoon and catching lots of sunnies!

 Jack went to summer preschool and loved it! He has the same teacher that Vince had for preschool, and we all just love her! He was very excited to go to the same place that his big brother used to go to.
 Running through the sprinkler!

 We spent a lot of time at G&G V's and G&G W's cooling off at the lake....Jack loves swimming in his lifejacket!

 Toasting marshmallows for Smores on the Fourth of July....
 All tuckered out after a fun trip to Fargo....

 Driving their present from G&G W! Jack literally drove it every single day for at least a couple of hours. He was absolutely obsessed with it!

 More sprinkler fun.....

 Becker County Fair.....

 Looks like trouble!
 Jack getting a ride from cousin Kenzie!
 Trip to the Wahpeton Zoo.....

 First day of school! Vince is a first grader this year! He has a wonderful teacher and is having a great year!
 Family trip to Iowa! It was so nice to go down and see everyone again! And the boys were so good for the long car ride.
 Jack and Kenzie playing Wii at G&G W's.....

 Vince joined Cub Scouts this year.....he is very excited!
 Jack likes to play with my phone....one of his self portraits....
 Jack turned 4!!!!!!

 Vince getting his Tiger badge!
 Jack had a birthday party with his friends at the DLCCC.....it went great! He was so excited and had so much fun!
 Visiting Santa!

 Christmas at G&G V's....

We had a very quiet Christmas this year.....Vince woke up Christmas Eve with the flu :( He did get to go to G&G V's for a little bit to open his presents, but it wasn't long before he was asking to go home, poor guy. Jack got it Wednesday, so most of our Christmas Vacation was spent at home watching movies and taking it easy. But everyone's feeling good now and ready to get back into the normal routine.
 Andy got a deer this year!
 Jack not feeling well :(
 Helping Andy and Uncle Grant build a new hunting stand....
 A stick and a bonfire......what more could a boy want?
 Both the boys were in soccer.....their pics turned out so cute!

And the big news......I have a new nephew! Carter Anthony was born on the 27th and he is so cute!

Ok, well that brings us to 2013! I know some of the pics are out of order, but I'm too lazy to change them!

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