Monday, May 28, 2012

It's SUMMER time!!!!!

School is out and it's time for Summer Break! Vince is so excited to be able to "wear my pajamas all day if I want!". We have a couple of weeks before the boys' activities start, and then June is going to be a fun, busy month! Jack (and me) are very excited that he's now old enough to be able to be in some cool stuff this summer. He'll be starting soccer in June, and we're looking at maybe going to summer preschool! Vince will also be in soccer, and is excited to start up golf again, too!
Vince getting some help collecting caterpillars.....they had to have had at least 30 by the time they were done!

We borrowed my parents original Nintendo system.....the office has now turned into the 'Nintendo Room'.

 Big News! Vince lost his first tooth! I can already see the perma tooth coming in!

 This is a pic of what will probably be Jack's last nap. He's been doing pretty well without one, and it will just be a lot easier for the summer, so I think he's done with naps!
 Jack got to go see the eye doctor last week. He had a little speck of dirt behind his eyelid, and felt a lot better after our friend Dr. Mike got it out!
 The Van Dam boys at the DLCCC pool.
 Jack having a snack at the beach.....we love beach days!
Vince doing a cannonball......his swimming lessons have made him so much more comfortable in the water......he can swim about 10 feet at a time now. We're so proud of him!

Vince at Zorbaz. We were there for Grandma V.'s retirement party! 
Jack relaxing in the hot tub.

Jack had a playdate with his friend Jacob. They were really excited to be at McDonald's for lunch!
 The four of us went over to Fargo on Mother's Day. We had lunch at Chili's and they had these very cool mini computers with games and videos on them for the boys. I had never seen them before.....what a great idea!

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