Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're Ready!

The tree is up and decorated, presents wrapped, and Santa's been visited......we're ready for Christmas! The boys are so excited, Vince has been keeping a tally and marking off the days. Only 3 more to go!

Jack went and saw Santa last Friday at the ECFE. He was not scared AT ALL! He went right up to him and shook his hand when he came into the room. After he had sat on his lap and told him what he wanted (a BIG airplane), he kept wanting to go and talk to to him, but we had to let the other kids have a turn!
Telling Santa what he wants.
Excited about his book!

The boys were very proud of their hard work decorating the tree.

Vince went with Andy to Rotary on Tuesday and got to see Santa then. Pics won't load though.....maybe later. Have a Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jack turns 3!!!!!

Three years ago.......
Jackson Ronald decided he needed to meet us a little earlier than expected (his due date was the 26th)!
His big brother Vince......see a resemblance?

One year old.....somebody needs a haircut!

And 3!!!!!! Opening gifts at G & G W's.
Auntie Megan made him a Spongebob cake.....he was so excited about it....she does a great job!
Jack with Vince and cousin Kenzie enjoying some yummy cake!
Opening presents at G & G V's

Batman cake!
We went out for a birthday supper.....he loves the Rainbow pancakes at Perkins!
Playing with his new computer.
Vince and I had a fun morning at his school last week.....we listened to Hansel & Gretel, and then made a Gingerbread House. It tasted as good as it looked!