Monday, May 30, 2011

School's Out!

Vincent had a great school year.....loves his teacher, made some good friends, and is learning to read! Wow! He's doing really well and is really proud of himself, and he should be!

His class in September.
Each month they focus on a different color, and one of the days everyone is supposed to wear that color....such a great idea!



Black & White!

Pink & Purple!

Red! (I can't get the second one off!)
Everyone in their costumes for the "Fall Party" on Halloween
Snow fight!
During Easter time they got to meet a lamb!
Indoor skating rink! (so graceful!)
Valentine's Day

Making cookies.....
Pajama Day!
Prince Vince.....

End of Year Program....
Doing the "Robot Dance"

The boys have been able to play together pretty well lately.....the more Jack can talk the easier it gets. It's so nice when they can entertain each other!

Vince giving Jack a ride....
We started on the garage....and of course the boys wanted to help....didn't last long though, after about ten, fifteen minutes, they both realized it wasn't as much fun as it sounded, so they traded in their paint brushes for toy guns and grenades (I can't blame them!)

We needed to get out of the house last week on a crummy day, so decided to go swimming....they had a lot of fun!

I came in to the tv room and saw this! He said he was cold.
Helping G. V. mow.
We had U. Grant and A. Alissa's dog, Olive, over for a playdate with Maddie last week. Taking her home....
Andy and I.

Friday, May 20, 2011

We had a great Mother's Day weekend.....on Saturday we went over to G & G V's so Andy could help George put the dock in. The boys, Grandma V and I played outside while the guys worked.....perfect! Then George made supper for us....with his homemade spaghetti sauce....yum!

On Sunday we went over to G & G W's for lunch. Jack and Kenzie decided to play a duet....
Auntie Nicole with Kenzie and Jack....

Vince with his SWAT Team outfit.
Jack in the Army outfit....trying out the new gun!

It has been soooo NICE out this week! The boys and I have had so much fun playing in the backyard, going to meet friends at the park, and even getting a tan (yes I put sunscreen on, but we still got some tan lines)! This week has gone by so fast, can't believe it's already Friday! Unfortunately, we're supposed to have rain today and the rest of the weekend, but hopefully Monday will be back to sun, sun, sun!
The boys wanted to try out their helmets.
Andy worked on (and finished!) a project Tuesday night. I guess I'm not going to try for a garden this summer! Thanks Austin and Heidi for the free sod! Now onto painting the garage to match the house....
The boys with their suckers!

Friday, May 6, 2011

April 2011

The boys in their matching red shorts
Easter morning

Mustaches from Zorbaz
Vince's Mother's Day present he made in school
It's done! Looks sooo different!