Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vincent is FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!!

Vince got to start his birthday off at G & G V's....they took him and Jack out to Perkins for a Birthday Breakfast-He LOVES the Perky Bear Pancakes!

With Odie

Then the Windloss side came over to celebrate in the afternoon....

Vince wanted an Army themed cake...
He's been asking for grenades for months....and finally got them!
Jack trying out Vince's new scooter!
Jack and U. Chad having an after-dinner toast.
Family pic
Jack giving Cousin Kenzie hugs before she goes cute!

Jack playing Pac Man the next morning
Camo cake at G & G V's
Blowing out the candles
Posing with his new golf clubs
Going to try them out with Daddy
Jack got some practice in too
Nice form!

It's been so exciting being able to play outside!

Monday, April 4, 2011


The Groundhog was WRONG! It still looks and feels like winter, but hopefully that will be finally changing soon....forecast for later this week......40's! I'm really hoping the snow will be gone soon, and the yard ready to go out and play in. Right now it's just disgusting....we went and played in the backyard yesterday......gross. The boys don't seem to mind it, although Vince has been saying he's ready for the snow to be gone for quite a while now. He also would like to move to Hawaii (sounds good to me!).

We've been trying to keep entertained, but it's getting tough.....the boys and I have had quite the cold the past six weeks, so we've been stuck inside a lot. It goes away, then comes back, goes away, then back again.....very annoying! I finally got over mine, but now the boys just got theirs back this morning. Yikes!

Vince had Kindergarten Round-Up last week--very exciting! He is definitely ready!

Went to the circus last week......made it to intermission--not bad!
Jack not feeling very well : (
Souvenirs from the circus (neither work anymore)
Dance Party!