Friday, February 25, 2011


Wow! It's been a while since I've posted...oops! I wish I could say it's been due to the incredibly busy and fun winter we've been having, but that's not the case.....we have cabin fever so bad! Can't wait for Spring to come and be able to go and play outside. I think the fact that we had a week or so where we saw temps in the February!, is making it worse.....we know what we're missing! But I'm hoping the Groundhog is right this year and Spring comes early.

Right now we are sick. We went to McDonald's last Thursday and played at Playland, which I swear we get sick every time we go there! The next day Vince had a runny nose, and it's just progressed from there. I will swear off Playland, but from experience, we'll probably go back in a couple of months....and get sick again.....I'll let you know....

Both of the boys are growing up so fast.....tonight Jack graduated from liquid Tylenol to tablets. I know it shouldn't seem like a big deal, but for some reason it was for me tonight. He was a little hesitant to try one at first, but when he did, he said "I love them". That's one of his new phrases lately......he'll either say that, or "I don't like it". He's also started correcting me....when I tell him that he's "silly", he says "I'm not silly, I'm funny!". So cute! He is talking so well now, which makes things soooo much easier! He also started wearing Pull-Ups about a month ago. One day he just decided that he wanted to start going "potty" in his chair.....I didn't expect to start thinking about potty training until summer, but if he wants to, then we'll just go with it! I've heard that younger siblings often do things earlier than their oldest, and I've definitely found this to be true with Jack. He wants to be just like his big brother!

Vince is doing really well at school....loves going to play with his friends. I took him in for his Pre-K crazy that he'll be in Kindergarten in six months! And he'll be going to the same school that Andy and I went to. Even more crazy! And we have another big first.....he got invited to his first birthday party! It's tomorrow, so I'm really hoping that we'll be feeling good enough to go. He has also graduated to the 'Boys' section in clothes. No more Toddler sizes for him! Again, I don't know why it seems like such a big deal, but this one has hit hard. I just know I'm going to be a mess this fall on his first day of school....I hope I don't embarrass him.

Even though it's been a slow month, we have been able to fit some fun into it......

We went and stayed at a hotel for G V.'s had a water park in it, so the boys had a lot of fun!

Ready to go swimming!
While we had warm temps we took advantage and got some outdoor playtime....
Jack and his "camera smile" face.
Last weekend we needed to get out of the house, so we decided to go up to Fargo and check out the Children's Museum.....
Jack brushing a big tooth.
Vince checking out the bees.

Jack milking a cow.
The boys were tuckered out....they both slept the whole way home.

Oh, and notice that the captions are all where they should be.....I've finally figured it out! Go me!