Monday, January 10, 2011

Jack 24 Month Appt

Jack had his 24 month check up on Friday. His stats are:
Height = 33.5 in
Weight = 23 lb 11 oz
Head = 48 cm
Everything looks good--he's a healthy, growing boy!
I snuck some pictures of Jack napping....he now loves to take his naps in Andy and I's bed, which is fine, as long as he sleeps in his bed at night. The four essentials while sleeping: paci, blankie, pillow pet and Curious George.
The boys being silly with a couple of wigs left over from Halloween. Is it just me, or would Jack have made a pretty cute girl?
Vince all bundled up to go and play in the snow.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

X-MAS 2010

Since the boys had been soooo good, Santa decided to come a night early this year--unfortunately, we forgot to tell Vince the protocol of what should happen in the morning. Jack came and woke up Andy and I up, so I decided to go and wake up Vince while they were getting dressed....except he was up and downstairs already.....had moved all of the presents from under the tree to the tv room, and had opened most of them up already! I tried to be mad, but when I came in he was sooo excited, and genuinely did not know that he did anything wrong....oh well, Jack didn't seem to care one bit, and I didn't have a camera, so it's not like we missed any picture opportunities! Santa brought the boys what they asked for....binoculars and a pillow pet!

On Christmas Day, my side of the family came over to our house....lots of good food, presents, and fun!

The next day we went over to G and G V's to join them and Grant and Alissa (who just moved back from Utah!).

Daddy and his boys eating popcorn! Vince and Jack fingerpainting.
The Van Dam Band!
My cute nephew Owen!

It was a fun month, but I'm glad that the holidays are over, and things can get back to normal again. Vince went back to school this week, and Andy and I are starting our couples' curling league on Monday nights! We're on a team with Grant and Alissa--this should be interesting! I'm just excited to get out and socialize....wish us luck!