Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Birthday Party and the Fair!

This past week my niece Makenzie turned one! Her parents had a fun party with lots of family, friends, food and cake.
Me and the birthday girl! She did NOT enjoy wearing her party hat.
But she did enjoy the cake! Post-cake bath.

Jack took a little nap while grandpa pushed him in the swing. Both of the boys were so tuckered out that they slept on the way home....
The Becker County Fair started today, so we went and had a great time.....both of the boys
LOVED the pony rides...Jack thought they were pretty funny! Vince and daddy on a bumper car.
Vince on some of the rides.
More rides......
Jack loved his balloon.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Jack is getting to be such a big boy! He can repeat almost any word, especially 'no'! He has been using it A LOT this past week. It's cute the first ten, maybe even fifteen times, but after that-not so much. He is developing quite an attitude already, definitely has his own ideas of what he wants and how things should be.
Snuggling with daddy after a bath
Clapping! He just fed Maddie.
He started doing this today-grabbing the counter and swinging...such a little monkey!
Vince joining in.

Jack LOVES to brush his teeth.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


The four of us went down to Andy's family's cabin (or "cottage", as Iowans say) in Spirit Lake this past weekend. We had a lot of fun and perfect weather (hot and sunny). The last night was interesting-at about ten o'clock the tornado siren went off, which freaked me out. It's a one floor cabin without a basement, so we ended up going over to the neighbor's while the storm passed through. There was quite a lot of damage in the morning-a lot of trees were knocked down and the neighbors had some holes in their roof, but for some reason we got really lucky-all of the trees survived, just a lot of branches on the ground.
G & G V got Vince a compound bow-he loves it! He spends most of his time in the backyard hunting now.
They also got Jack a pop gun....the boys with their weapons!
Playing at Spirit Lake!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Wow, the first month of summer has gone by so fast! We've been spending most of our time outside, and the boys have tan lines to prove it! Playing in the backyard, going to the beach, the park, or one of the many playgrounds in town have kept us busy.
Our first ride on the pontoon this year.....Jack sat in one of the chairs for the longest time and almost fell asleep!
The boys getting clean. Vince making sure all of the mud is off Jack's foot.
BIG NEWS! Vince caught his first fish!! We were so excited! It was a pretty good size sunny off of G & G V's dock. One of many to come, I'm sure!
Vince feeding a chipmunk and ducks.
Last weekend we had Andy's company's annual meeting at Arrowhead in Alexandria. We decided to just take Vince this year, and had Jack spend a fun weekend with G & G W. Good decision! It was so much easier. We had a lot of fun....Vince loved hanging out with the other kids. We also had fun at the indoor water park, swimming pool (Vince was very excited that he could touch the bottom), playing A LOT of mini golf, and just having some quality time with Vince. Maybe we'll make it tradition to just take one, and rotate every year. I guess we'll see next June!

Let's see....what else....Vince starts summer school next week. We're all excited for that. He misses seeing all of the kids.

Jack had his eighteen month check-up. Everything looks good......20.6 lbs and 30.25". Had his last round of shots until kindergarten. I think he knew it was coming....he wanted out of the room pretty much as soon as we got in! Poor guy.