Thursday, January 7, 2010

3 Great Christmases

We had a fun week over Christmas break. We had three Christmases, one on Christmas morning, just the four of us, the next at G. and G. W's on the 27th, and at G. and G. V's on New Year's Day! We all must have been very good last year, because we got some great presents!
Jack LOVES Santa, especially this one. It is usually hanging on the wall, and he would just stare at it, smile and say 'kitty'. I think his beard confuses him.
Andy showing Vince how to use his cap gun........he has been obsessed with it-even taking naps with it! 

Jack got a car! He loves to sit in it.                     He loves to push Vince around, too (what a strong boy!)

Vince fooling around with Andy.
Jack loves kitties!
Makenzie in her Christmas dress-so cute!       Jack trying to figure out the golf game Vince got-he soon decided that he was too big to fit into the hole!
With Auntie Alissa (Yes, Jack is in a big purse!)           Jack and Uncle Grant-we hadn't seen them for a year!