Saturday, November 7, 2009


It's been a long three weeks......All four of us have gotten sick the past three weeks. Jack got sick on the 13th, and STILL has a pretty bad cough. He seems to feel okay though, so hopefully it will clear up soon. Andy and I were sick soon after Jack, and Vince was sick last week. I think Vince had it the worst though, he had 104 temp for a  few days, could barely talk, didn't have any appetite, and had a sore throat. 

He missed his Harvest Party at school, and couldn't go trick-or-treating, poor guy! But we had our own little Halloween on Tuesday night and put his costume on and went out to G. and G. W's, G. and G. V's, and some of our friends' houses. He got quite a haul! Jack and I had to stay home because of his cough, and Andy was in charge of taking pictures.....SO, there are no pictures of him collecting his candy. Lesson learned! Next time I go and Andy stays home. Anyway, Jack is getting pretty good at walking, he rarely crawls anymore. He's also sleeping very well (about 12 hours) at night, and loves to babble. 

Friday I got to go spend some time with my niece, Makenzie. She was so easy to watch. I felt like I was on a little vacation! She is getting so big, and loves to watch tv! 
Jack is very patriotic!                 He's been getting into this position
Helping daddy rake leaves.                            Wearing Andy's 'Indiana Jones' hat
Vince the pirate!                                Makenzie in her puppy costume!