Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home....

Jack is EIGHT months old! He loves to stand, and is VERY proud of himself. He also loves to feed himself....puffs are his favorite.

G.V. and G.V. took Vince to Spirit Lake, where they were joined by cousin Noah. Vince absolutely loves it there, and had a great time!

Andy and I are back from a much needed vacation. We had a great time exploring the area, eating some delicious (and not so delicious) food, shopping, and relaxing by the pool! A HUGE
thank you to G.W., G.W., G.V. and G.V. for watching the boys! 
Port Hurcule.                                                    The shiek(?) of Dubai's yacht....ridiculous!
Out to dinner in Monaco.                                        At the beach in Cannes.
Chuck Norris's handprint!                                      The view from the train to Italy.
A very old church in San Remo.
Daddy and Vince in their matching golf shirts. Vince had been asking for an 'alligator shirt like daddy's' for months, and we were able to find one while on vacation. Yea! He has been wearing it every day since we've been back!